How do we Empower Youth?

About Us

I belief. Org is dedicated to spiritually enlightening youth.

Our Past , the families we come from or whatever trauma , difficulties and challenges one has suffered can only be overcome once we are made aware that God has a plan to create new life for each human person through restoring and rebuilding our souls (minds and hearts ) to align it with God s will if Spirit of purity and goodness .

Our youth need to feel god loves them and obedience to god s purpose and plan for their lives is finally what shapes their successful future. Healing , Change and Growth is only possible when one goes back to God our Creator for guidance .

Empowering Young Girls at Vivekananda School , Oct 22, 2018

Georgianna Das of I- spent on 22nd October empowered  70 young girls Indian of Vivekanada school in the areas of Building Self - Esteem .

Coming up Empowering Parents session !